The Project TW!NE

The fact, that there is an enormous amount of Facebook groups, where you can post music, but in those with a lot of members you do not have the chance to hear all the songs, gave us the idea to create TW!NE

TW!NE’s concept is the one of a radio, with Moderation as well as with interaction: Starting on Jan 3, 2014 we had established several chats, that provided the programme to our listeners. A short moderation text wass followed by a Youtube-Link that had to be clicked to hear the song and watch the video. Therefore our moderators are called Vjs and not DJs
In January 2017, we have changed the system, to make it more comfortable for Smartphone Users. Now we provide the whole program packed into a single Youtube playlist, with the moderation comments moving from Facebook to the playlist

To allow interaction between the crew and the listeners, there are 2 chats available, one in english and another one in german, where discussion is possible

To join TW!NE you either need a friend that is already a listener, or just send a friend request to one of our VJs

But TW!NE is more than simply a radio:
Also listeners might post music in our various style differed groups. VJs usually regard these posts as a wish for the Live Program.
Also in ‚ÄěReal Life“ TW!NE is organising events. First one took place in Vienna, Austria in January 2015
We also have Prize Games, where music or merchandising items can be won
And TW!NE is also supporting charity, might it be local and small or big and nationwide

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