The TW!NE Archives

Two years of TW!NE History, and pretty much has happened.
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Pictures are courtesy of Robert Nikon, Christian Novak, Elmar Jindra, Wolfgang Krippl, Anja Andersen and our VJs. We thank for the permission of usage

DEC 19, 2015 Mike’s Birthday was a little silent this year, it was just one day ahead of TW!NEACHTEN. Another 24 Hours with Playlists from listeners, artists and even a guy from another radio provided one

OCT 27, 2015 For one evening we had enough of the Colour orange. For a good reason, Simply Red were in town

SEP 12, 2015 No Silence for the TW!NE GARDENS, it was about to say farewell to the summer. Only that little pig might complain..

AUG 23, 2015
TW!NE EXCITED. On one hand it was Jill’s Birthday, on the other hand it was the official opening of TW!NE’s Open Air Stage. A big thank you goes out to Heinz Broucek and his son, who did not only help us with the installations, but also played warm-upper for the main band, Flickentanz

AUG 16, 2015 TW!NE again on tour in Styria. AT the Hosnhanslhütte we met our danish friend LYDMOR again, she was almost as good as at our 1-YVERSARY in January ;)

JUL 1-4, 2015 A small festival in January deserves a big one in Summer. So after visiting Europe’s biggest free festival, Vienna’s Donauinselfestival, the weekend before, we now were at Roskilde and could see Pharrell Williams, Sir Paul McCartney, Nicki Minaj, and many, many more

JUN 29, 2015 Hard Work for Mike. He broadcasted WEEK AHEAD!!! from the terrace of the B&B in Roskilde at only 14°C/57°F. So he deserved something to come

MAY 22, 2015 TW!NE saves an event, with a little help from us as a friend, Mike Ottis could present his CD “Selfhealing Part 1” in Vienna’s Chaya Fuera to the audience. If it is necessary, TW!NE can work as a taxi too ;)

MAY 2, 2015 Another date of an extralong performance, the program was called TW!NE XL and lasted, we think you know it: 24 Hours

MAR 26, 2015 We had to care for a little publicity and so we helped the guys from Austria’s national TV. Mike interviewed Jill for them
Jill seemed a bit surprised

MAR 21, 2015 We were lucky with the weather and so we had an early start of the garden season. Another bunch of nice guests joined us

MAR 7, 2015 Finally it was ready and we could publish the video of our 1-Yversary.You can find it here:

JAN 21, 2015 It was time, the Party could get started: Burning Sheep, Melotronic, Butter Fly (All AUT) Lydmor (DEN) und Hochanstaendig (GER), as well as Flickentanz (AUT), for the first time as a 4 person band, entered the stage to celebrate our 1-YVERSARY with us. We would not dare to say that Vienna’s WUK was overcrowded, but the aftershow-experiences of some of the actors could fill books ;)
Jill deserves a special remark here, she presented chocolate pralinees with the pictures of the participants to them

JAN 16-18, 2015 Calm before the Storm: For her very first time, Jill stepped on those boards, that mean the world for skiers, and also Mike had a comeback on those skis after 25 years.
The occasion was, that we won the bid on a national charity, called Licht ins Dunkel, and we won a package for the Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships at Kreischberg / Lachtal in Styria, Austria.
On our way back home another debut. We did the first Road Show, out of a car on the highway, UNfortunately at the end of the Show, Facebook had one of his “rare” disfunctions ;)

JAN 4, 2015 We had an addition. From Denmark, Simone presented, right after the Lounge, the first edition of her New Music Special. She could not stay long with us, but we also learned a lot from here.
Now she is self employed in the music management business

JAN 3, 2015 TW!NE could have celebrated it’s first birthday, but we delayed the party a little, we had something bigger in our minds

DEC 20, 2014 It was not yet X.Mas, but TW!NEACHTEN(a word that is combined from our name and the german word for X-Mas) so it was time for another XL-Show. For the first time we were never alone and had listeners from all around the world at any time. Consistance seems to pay off

DEC 18, 2014 Another birthday to celebrate, but program schedule is program schedule and so Mike joined his own party very late, but he also enjoyed not only Mad-Otto Peppers live performance

OCT 18, 2014 We tried to calculate a little and found out, that on this date the one who had the idea for TW!NE had a summed up age of 100. What else to do but to celebrate 100 Years of TW!NE. And how did we do it? With another TW!NE XL show and 24 hours of music

AUG 30, 2014 We also celebrated the final of the summer season and organised another garden party. The guests were also nice as those of the first party

AUG 9, 2014 Our Show was broadcasted from Bad Schallerbach in Upper Austria. After that we climbed the Schlüsslberg with the help of a taxi, and enjoyed the beats at Delicate Electric 2014

JUL 26, 2014 We never wanted to exist only on Facebook, but we also want to organise events. Therefore a legal construction had to be found. Since that date we are now a non-profit organisation, registered in Austria

JUN 14, 2014. What they can do, we can do too, that was what we thought and showed our knowledge in motorsports. The 24 Hours of Le Mans were another reason for a TW!NE XL-Show. We accompanied the full race with music and of course with the current standings

MAY 18, 2014 The first Lounge was scheduled and now every Sunday we present music to relax and just feel well

MAY 10, 2014 TW!NE loves to party. So we invited to the Royal TW!NE Gardens ;) and many followed the invitation, also artists were on our guest list.
The Barbecue was always at work, and the videos on our housewall were not only astonishing us

MAY 6, 2014 TW!NE went outdoors and visited a double concert, were we met our first ever featured artists Gordopac, and Austrian Legend Richard Österreicher. Mike talked to him about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which was later won by Austria with Conchita Wurst
See more in our album of Variety

MAY 1, 2014 Crazyness started. For the very first time we had a TW!NE XL show. Meaning we were on Air 24 hours non-stop !!!

JAN 20, 2014 The first WEEK AHEAD!!! Show took place, from that day on, every monday we bring you new chart entries from all over the world

JAN 13, 2014 Still living in Denmark, Jill started her first show. TW!NE EMOTIONS was born

JAN 3, 2014 TW!NE starts to broadcast
At 19.00 GMT Mike welcomed the first listeners with the Garbage-Song “The World is not enough”, whose title’s inital letters form the name of our Station
After introducing the variety of our program, we had the first chart show. As the headquarters of TW!NE are located in Vienna, Austria, those were the Austrian Charts. Since then, there is a chart show with a new country every week.



TWINE’s X-Mas DEC 19, 2016

TW!NE’s Summer Farewell (SEP 21, 2015)

TW!NE EXCITED (AUG 23, 2015)

The live show (Left. JUN 29, 2015)
Danish Marie Key on stage (Above. JUL 3, 2015)

Later on the stage filled (MAY 22, 2015)

A little Joke (MAR  26, 2015)

Welcome back sun  (MAR 21, 2015)

The Event’s Offical Poster (JAN 21, 2015)

Broadcast from Abroad (JAN 17, 2015)

TW!NEACHTEN 2014 (DEC 20, 2014)

Old Mike (DEC 18, 2014)

End of Summer (above, AUG 30, 2014)
First Executive Council (right, JUL 27, 2014)
Our 1st Garden Party (below, MAY103, 2014)

Jill & Gordopac                                (MAY 6, 2014 )                     Mike & Richard Österreicher

LOGO after Lawyer